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Car Stereo Installation Service near Lincoln NE: Are you looking for the Best Car Stereo Installation Service near Lincoln NE ? Mobile Mechanics of Lincoln,Our licensed and insured car stereo installers will ensure that you get the right products for your needs and then make sure that your equipment is installed professionally.Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Car Stereo Installation Service around Lincoln NE. We serve Lincoln NEand other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Car Stereo Installation At Mobile Mechanics of Lincoln

Car Stereo Installation Service near Lincoln NE:Looking to enhance your driving experience? Then a new car audio/video system from Mobile Mechanics of Lincoln is just what you need! Whether you want to upgrade your factory car audio system or build a custom car stereo from scratch, our team is the answer you’ve been looking for. We provide professional car audio electronics products and installation for drivers in and around Lincoln NE, and our qualified technicians are here to make sure you always have access to awesome tunes while you’re behind the wheel. With over years of experience to rely on, we’re your source for the best in car stereos and mobile audio equipment. Call us today to learn more!

When you turn to Mobile Mechanics of Lincoln for your mobile audio system, you can expect nothing but amazing results. We can outfit cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and even boats with high-quality mobile electronics. While we’re an authorized dealer for many types of components, we’re also happy to install products that you’ve bought elsewhere. Providing service that’s above and beyond most car audio shops, Mobile Mechanics of Lincoln is here to make sure our customers benefit from careful, correct installation workmanship.

Mobile Mechanics of Lincoln ,Our licensed and insured car stereo installers will ensure that you get the right products for your needs and then make sure that your equipment is installed professionally using 100% copper wire. If you don’t have enough outlets for the number of speakers you want to install, we can create a beautiful, custom fiberglass panel that will house additional speakers. Customized solutions to meet your in-car audio needs is the name of the game at Mobile Mechanics of Lincoln.

We don’t cut corners to cut costs; instead we work hard to provide our clients with first-class craftsmanship and materials at highly competitive rates. From amps to speakers and subwoofers, we have everything you might need for a stellar car audio/video system.

Your car came with a stereo, right? Maybe it’s fine and it does a decent job, and maybe you’re ok with it. But ask yourself this: Don’t you deserve better than fine and decent?

As a San Diego County resident, you spend hours in your car every week.Back and forth to work, to the grocery store, out to dinner, and now that the holidays are here, to the mall, to the airport, and to holiday parties.  In fact, doesn’t it sometimes seem like, aside from the hours you sleep, you actually spend more time in your car than you do at home? So then why not make the experience as pleasurable as it can be?

This holiday season, give yourself the gift that keeps on giving: a high-quality car audio system.  And just in case you need more convincing, here are five benefits to upgrading beyond your “fine” and “decent” car stereo:

Better Sound From Your Car Audio With A Premium Sound System

Car Stereo Installation Service near Lincoln NE:Let’s face it. Your car manufacturer doesn’t care as much about your aural satisfaction as you do.  Sure, factory systems have gotten better, but many of those premium systems still use relatively weak speakers and amps that deliver less-than-satisfactory sound. Even if all you do is upgrade your car’s system with high-quality aftermarket speakers, you’ll experience tighter bass and more overall clarity in your tunes.

Better Control Of Your Car Sound System And Speakers

When built to your specifications, a high-quality stereo system has the potential to give you optimal control over the way your music sounds. Most car receivers provide treble, mid-range, and bass control, which is fine for overall sound. But when you build your system with an equalizer, you have multiple points for adjusting your frequency response and ironing out problem peaks. In other words, a high-quality stereo system gives you the ability to fine-tune your tunes.

Better Car Commute In San Diego With A Premium Car Stereo

Remember back when those little tiny Walkman speakers made it possible to pipe the music from your Walkman into your bedroom or dorm room? Sure, you could hear the general idea of the song, but it was nothing like having your headphones on and the music all around you. Well, the difference between your car’s factory system and a high-quality aftermarket stereo is kinda like that. A great system plus Dynamat or any other sound-deadening material to lower interior noise levels will greatly enhance your listening pleasure.  When you’re lost in your music, you might even cease to care that you’re in standstill traffic on northbound 805.

Better Communication On Your IPhone Or Android From Your Car

If you spend a lot of time in your car, there’s a good chance you also spend a lot of time on speakerphone. We hate to break it to you, but if you don’t have a decent Bluetooth-equipped system, you are probably annoying everyone on the other end of the phone.  Think about it. When you call someone, and you can tell they’re driving because 1) there’s a ton of extra noise in the background, and 2) they sound like they’re shouting over the noise, don’t you hang up sooner than you might otherwise? Want better communication with your wife/husband/mom/kids/boss? Upgrade to a high-quality, Bluetooth-equipped stereo system. Everyone on the other end will thank you for it. If you get one with a simple interface, it’ll also make for safer driving. 

Better Reputation With Great Sounding Car Audio In Lincoln NE

Let’s be honest here. When it comes to our cars, we can be a little…vain.  We spend money to make them look good and sometimes even to inspire envy as we race up the 163 or pull up to the valet stand at a downtown restaurant. But a good-looking car with a crappy stereo system is as disappointing as a good-looking man/woman with bad teeth. Your beautiful car deserves a beautiful sound system. Whether or not you care about sound quality when you listen to NPR during your morning commute, you’ll certainly appreciate the way a high-quality stereo system inspires envy in your brother-in-law.

Mobile Mechanics of Lincoln Has Top Of The Line Car Audio & Stereo Installation

Now that you know why you need to upgrade your car stereo system, it’s time for the which, the who, and the when. At Mobile Mechanics of Lincoln in Lincoln NE, we can help you with all three. We carry all the best car audio brands, so we can help you determine which system is best for you, your car, and your needs. Our professional installers are who you can count on to set up your new system so you can drive away knowing it’s been done right. And when? Well, we’re here anytime you’re ready. Check some of our amazing specials to get a great discount!

How to install a car stereo

Car Stereo Installation Service near Lincoln NE:Remove your factory stereo and install a new one Car stereo installation basics In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of installing a new car stereo. We’ll cover:

  • How to remove the factory stereo
  • How to wire the new receiver what you need to know to connect it right
  • How to install the new car stereo

Please read over these guidelines before beginning the installation so you’ll know what to expect.

Installing a new car stereo can often be simple enough to do yourself, and his article will provide you with a general guide on how to do it. Keep in mind that some cars and systems are more complicated than others and that every car and stereo system will be different, so some specifics may vary. Be sure to read any instructions that come with the new car stereo before attempting to install it.

How to Take Out the Old Stereo

Car Stereo Installation Service near Lincoln NE:

Set the parking brake and disconnect the negative cable from your car battery. Be sure to do this to avoid short-circuiting the electrical system during the installation, which could lead to fire or physical harm for you.

Unscrew any screws that are securing the trim in place. Be careful to remove all screws before trying to pry off the trim or you may break it.

Remove the trim. For some cars, you may need to remove several pieces of plastic trim, usually working from the bottom up.[3]

  • If you need to remove trim that includes any knobs or drawers, remove them before trying to pry off the trim.
  • Use your hands or a pry tool to pry off each piece of trim. Pry tools are specifically for this purpose and will not damage the trim pieces.

Pull out any necessary components. If you need to remove any components before being able to access the stereo, do so.

Disconnect components that are wired to the car. Take a picture of how each is wired for later reference.

Loosen the stereo. Different cars may have varying elements securing the stereo in place.

  • If the stereo is held in place by screws or nuts, loosen them with the appropriate tool (screwdriver or nut driver, respectively).
  • If the stereo isn’t held in place by screws or nuts, you’ll need to use a radio-removal key. This tool is commonly necessary in Ford vehicles. Radio-removal keys (sometimes also referred to as radio-removal tools) will typically either be in an elongated horseshoe shape or will have a circular shape at one end and a notched shaft at the other. They’re available at most auto-parts stores.
  • Insert the keys into the two small slots in the face of the stereo. You will release a mechanism holding the stereo in place. Slide the radio-removal keys into each slot again until you feel the stereo loosen from in its housing. You should then be able to pull out the stereo relatively easily.

Pull the stereo out of the panel. You may want to use needle-nose pliers to grip the edge of the stereo and help you pull it out.[4] Pull it gently, and if the stereo doesn’t come out easily, double check that you haven’t missed any components that may be holding it in place.

Take a picture of how the stereo is wired. This is an important step because the photo will serve as a reference later when you’re wiring in the new stereo.

Unplug the stereo connections. You’ll see a series of wires connected to the back of the stereo, and you’ll need to disconnect each of them.

  • First unplug the antenna wire, which will typically be a thicker wire plugged in separately from the rest. Once it’s unplugged, you should be able to move the stereo around more freely.
  • Next unplug each of the wire harness connectors. There will typically be several of these and you can recognize them because a series of wires will feed into each one. The plastic piece into which the wires are fed should have either a tab or a button you can push, which will release the harness.

How to Install the New Stereo

Match up the wires. Match the wires of the car’s harnesses to the new stereo’s harnesses. Each harness connector is unique, so it should be easy to figure out which ones fit together.

  • To be safe, check the wiring diagrams for both your car and the new stereo to verify you’ve connected them correctly.
  • If your car’s stereo doesn’t use wire harnesses, you’ll need to match up each wire manually. The wires are color-coded; however, the wires on an after-market stereo may not match with the color-coded wires in your vehicle. It’s best to study and follow the wiring diagram that came with the stereo.
  • Connect the matched wires. There are two options for connecting the wires, crimping or soldering. Crimping is faster and easier, but soldering will provide a more stable and secure connection. Be sure to use the proper size crimper and don’t try to bundle the wires with tape it will eventually dry out and fall off. Bundle wires using zip ties instead.

Assemble the mounting kit. If your new stereo came with a separate mounting kit, assemble it according to the stereo’s instructions (it will often mean fitting a metal housing sleeve into the mounting frame).


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Push down on the tabs located around the metal sleeve with a screwdriver to secure the metal sleeve in place.

Connect the power source. Typically, if you have a wiring harness, this connection will be made when you connect the new stereo harnesses to the harnesses in the car.

If you aren’t using a wiring harness, you’ll need to manually connect the power. Determine whether your car has a switched power source (typically a red wire) or a constant power source (typically a yellow wire). Some vehicles even have both types of power sources. For more information on switched versus constant power, go here.

Ground the stereo. If you’re using wiring harnesses, this connection will be made when you connect the harness pieces.

If you aren’t using a wiring harness, you’ll need to locate the bolt, wire, or screw that connects with the car’s bare metal chassis. Loosen the bolt, wire, or screw and slip the stereo’s ground wire (usually black) underneath, then tighten.

Note that the ground connection is important to the optimal performance of the stereo. If the ground wire doesn’t connect to the bare metal, it won’t work. And if the ground wire connection is loose, it could result in poor audio output. Sand down the area with sand paper to ensure a good connection.

Connect the remaining wires. Plug in the antenna cable and connect the stereo’s wiring adapter to the car’s wire harness. Connect the output converter if one is needed to make the new stereo compatible with the car’s audio system. Have in mind that all wires should be connected in the end and there should be no single one hanging unattended.

Test the stereo. Turn the power on and test the AM, FM, and CD components. Test the fade and balance settings to be sure the speakers are working properly. Turn the power back off.


How to Finish the Installation

  • Push the stereo into place. When the stereo is fully in, you should hear it click into place.
  • Reconnect the components. Fasten in any screws that are needed to hold the stereo in place, reconnect any wired components, and replace any knobs or drawers that were removed.
  • Snap all the pieces of trim back into place over the stereo. Double check that all screws and trim pieces are securely in place.
  • Try out the new stereo. Turn the car power on again and play around with the stereo and its settings to be sure everything is in working order.


Car Stereo Installation Service near Lincoln NE:A car can be a great place to enjoy music, but many commuters still put up with marginal sound quality that they’d never tolerate at home. Others assemble sophisticated sound systems for their cars, then make common installation mistakes that keep the system from reaching its full potential.

The best car sound systems rely on decent gear and a little know-how. I’ve put together some suggestions on how to improve the sound in your vehicle, with tips for both simple factory systems and more sophisticated setups. You don’t have to live with bad sound in your car. Even the simplest improvements to your car sound system installation can yield noticeable results.

  • Replace your car’s speakers
  • Select higher quality for your music files
  • Bypass your music player’s built-in digital-to-analog converter
  • Use sound deadening material
  • Add a car amplifier
  • Add a signal processor or an equalizer
  • Build a better sub box. Or buy one.
  • Your crossover can really improve the sound of your system
  • Set your amp gains properly
  • Don’t max out your tone controls
  • Add a subwoofer and hear what you’ve been missing
  • Use a capacitor if you’re going to push your subs hard


Car Stereo Installation Service near Lincoln NE:We are pleased to provide professional car audio and video installation at our workshop. Whenever you pick up a normal head unit, choose a multi-media player, require a powerful sound system, our experienced technicians are here to help.

If you are looking for a place that offers top notch service, low cost but fantastic quality, you’ve found the right place. With our 16 years of experience, we guarantee full customer satisfaction on all our jobs. This confidence is assured with each and every transaction you’ll have with us.


The Cost of Car Stereo Installation

For a normal head unit you purchase from our company, the cost of installation is from $50 incl GST; if the head unit is not purchased from our company, the cost of installation is from $60 incl GST.

For a multi-media player (DVD/CD/MP3/USB/SD player with GPS & Bluetooth) you purchase from our company, the cost of installation is from $70 incl GST, if not, the cost of installation is from $85 incl GST.

For connecting an exist camera to a new stereo, the cost is from $60 incl GST.

For a pair of speakers you purchase from our company, the cost of installation for 2 door speakers is from $55 incl GST; backseat speaker installation is from $70 incl GST. If the speakers are not purchased from our company, the cost of installation is from $60 – $80 incl GST.

For an amplifier and subwoofer you purchase from our company, the cost of installation is from $110 incl GST; if the amplifier and subwoofer are not, the cost of installation is from $130 incl GST.

Shop car electronics professional installation

Entertainment                               Regular Price          Total Tech Support Member Price 2

Standard Speaker Installation                $64.99                      Included

Component Speaker Installation           $99.99                      20% discount

Rear-Seat Video Installation                    $119.99–$199.99 20% discount

Subwoofer Installation                             $19.99                      Included


If I install a new stereo, can I still use my steering wheel controls?

You sure can if you install a special adapter. And when you buy any stereo from us, you’ll get a deep discount on the steering wheel control adapter for your car. See our article about Steering Wheel Audio Control Adapters for more information.

Why should I get a new car stereo?

Sound and features are the two best reasons for getting a new car stereo. Aftermarket car stereos typically have more powerful amplifiers and better sound-shaping controls than factory stereos. And you’ll find plenty of cool features, like Bluetooth® and smartphone compatibility, USB and aux inputs, touchscreen controls, navigation, satellite radio compatibility, and much more, depending on the type and model of car stereo you buy.

How do I know what’ll fit my car?

Don’t worry, we’ve done the heavy lifting! Our vehicle research team has checked out thousands of cars and trucks to find out what will (and won’t) work in specific vehicles.

Can I keep my steering wheel controls?

You sure can but in most cases you’ll need to install a special adapter. And when you buy any stereo from us, you’ll get a deep discount on the steering wheel control adapter for your car. See our article about Steering Wheel Audio Control Adapters for more information.

Will a new stereo work with my existing factory options?

Your car may have come with factory-installed options, like satellite radio, navigation, or Bluetooth. In most cases, these are built into the existing factory stereo, or use proprietary protocols which aren’t compatible with new aftermarket car stereos, so these features won’t work with a new stereo. This can be a complicated issue though, so call or chat with us and we can check out your specific vehicle and features.

Can I get a stereo that will match my dash illumination?

We love it when a new car stereo really looks like it belongs in your dash, and matching the existing dash illumination scheme is a big part of that. To really hone in the color match, look for models that let you adjust the color for different parts of the receiver for example, white for the display and red for the buttons. You’ll also find models that let you adjust specific RGB color levels for a perfect match. Search for stereos that feature variable colors to see your options.

Will a new car stereo work with my smartphone?

One of the most exciting things about new car stereos is the way that they integrate with your smartphone. Almost all models offer USB connection to your phone, letting you access your music files or other stored media from both iOS and Android devices. And if your new stereo has Bluetooth, you’ll be able to access your music or streaming services that way too.

Will I have better bass with a new car stereo?

Great bass depends on a lot of factors, including what you define as great bass. Generally though, the increased power of a new car stereo will improve the punch of the low end in your system.

Is it hard to install a new car stereo?

Helping you install your own gear is our specialty. Since 1974, Mobile Mechanics of Lincoln has helped hundreds of thousands of first-time installers put a new stereo in their dash, and get the job done right. With your purchase of a new stereo from us, you’ll receive our exclusive, free step-by-step instructions for your vehicle. For most vehicles, we also offer mounting kits that let you install your new stereo in your dash with a professional look, wiring harnesses that plug right into your factory wiring, and, in some cases, specialty adapters that let you retain certain factory features.


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